About Us

Posh Residences is a company created for an exclusive type of client, The Posh Client. Our mission is for our clients to have the best experience while visiting Guimarães and northern Portugal. At Posh Residences we customize each trip so it suits you the best.

Posh Residences offers you two tastefully renewed and decorated centenary buildings, located right in the heart of Guimarães. The two bed apartments located literally ten steps away from the most sought-after square, with all esplanades and typical Portuguese restaurants will contribute for you to feel, to live and to breathe Guimarães divine repleteness. The suites located in short walking distance from Guimarães’s the most emblematic monuments and train station, would be an excellent choice for those who prefer to travel by public transportation. We believe that the POSH RESIDENCES facilities are the ideal spot for you to stay in Guimarães where you can to explore, to experience and to live the city closely.

We have several other services available such as:

  • Airport transfering,
  • Daily cleaning 
  • Romantic Package


Posh Residences is the realization of a lifelong dream the owners Joana and João had.

Their compelling desire to create unique places where they could welcome people from the four corners of the globe in a luxury yet familiar setting was the starting point for what is now a dream that came true, despite all the obstacles and difficulties they encountered along their journey to turn this dream into a physical reality.

Without ever giving up they pushed forward through all the setbacks and the results are these renewed apartments created for those who appreciate luxury and modern atmospheres, located in the heart of the city considered as Portugal’s birthplace.


  • We believe that everything we do is meaningful.
  • We believe that all dreams can come true.
  • We believe in the power of the human being.
  • We believe that no is never a final answer.
  • We believe in change and in the power of change.
  • We believe that our customers are the best in the world.
  • We believe in gratitude.
  • We believe in defending everything we believe in!